I graduated from The University of Oregon with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology  in 2006 and thought that I wanted to go in to traditional counseling or marriage and family therapy. By way of circumstance and God’s voice intervening in His typically mysterious way, I wound up in George Fox Seminary in 2007. Through the most beautifully inclusive and challenging community I emerged in 2010 with a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and went directly into working as a children’s pastor for a large church. After 19 months there with wonderful experience I stepped away to spend more time at home with our daughter and to open a small spiritual direction practice. In 2015 our son came along and my full time job became Mom with a capital “M”, a job that has taught me more about God and His love and faithfulness than anything I have on paper. In the fall of 2017 I accepted a role as a preschool teacher, and once again my understanding of God and the way he works evolved and expanded as I nurtured the hearts and the curious minds of young children. And now, here I am two years later, returning more intentionally to writing and spiritual direction as The Holy Spirit within me ready to shift gears once more.

Spiritual Direction is the process of seeking clarity in one’s spirituality through the gentle guidance and prompting of the director. My job is to discern the story behind your spoken words and to ask the questions that might bring you to the answers you seek, and might not. But you will never be alone in the process. Your doubts will be heard and respected. Your desires will be honored. In our time together I will lead you into places that your heart is ready to travel, pushing you to the edge of your comfort zone and requiring you to be honest with me and most importantly with yourself. God speaks to us all uniquely and He communicates His love in a myriad of ways. Often times we come to adulthood and find that the Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit within us is quiet, or even silent. It doesn’t mean that we have been abandoned, but it can certainly feel that way. A spiritual direction relationship is designed to help you tap back into the place that the world and its circumstances shut down. I would love to be your coach, your director, and your advocate.