Hi, I’m Heather! I am a mother of a daughter and a son, and a wife to my husband who I have loved since I was seventeen years old. I identify as She/Her and I am a Christ-following Bisexual. I am a wordy, energetic, dreamer-optimist who feels deeply, processes externally, and gets excited about all the world has to offer. In short, an Enneagram 7. Writing is my primary way of experiencing and connecting with the world, but I always knew that I wanted it to remain a passion uncorrupted by money, procedures, and deadlines, so I avoided the traditional education route of English or Journalism. I opted instead for an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master’s in spiritual formation from a George Fox Seminary, now Portland Seminary.

While in Seminary, I honed-in my writer’s voice while exploring the themes of faith, reconciliation, theology, and history. I deconstructed my concept of faith and Christianity and thoughtfully engaged and processed through a regular practice of journaling and discussion. Post-graduation, I worked as a children’s pastor at a local church where my writing talents were picked up on and utilized often by the head pastor for multiple jobs. I also began to independently provide spiritual direction there for some of the women on staff for the church’s preschool. It was then that my two main passions became most evident: spiritual formation and writing. I took a pause in my career to be a stay-at-home mom to my two children, but blogging and spiritual direction emerged as meaningful and joyful side work. Becoming a mother gave me a greater perspective and more topics to write about, and my blog began reaching people in greater numbers as I wrote about postpartum depression and anxiety, perfectionism, parenting a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, education, and the intersection of parenthood and faith.

One year after my second child was born, I stepped into what I thought would be just a simple health and fitness journey. At the time, I had no idea that just exercising again would send me on a trajectory that would bring me into spiritual wholeness. Through regular running, exercise, and yoga, I was awakened to the wisdom of my body and experienced profound healing from childhood traumas. It was through embodied awakening that I became aware of the nuance and the fluidity of my sexuality and began to recognize that I was bisexual. At the same time I deconstructed my Christian faith even further, engaging in a wide variety of faith communities, reading from new writers, attending conferences, and exposing myself to different teacher and activists. What has emerged is a relationship with God and a faith that is all my own.

When my son preschool I received the opportunity to work as a preschool teacher at his school. I pounced on the opportunity to further my professional experience and to try something new and fun! I am still working as a lead preschool teacher there while also focusing on writing and publishing a book about my years of healing shame and awakening to spiritual wisdom through body awareness and integration.

This fall I am returning to Portland Seminary to complete a certificate in Spiritual Direction. I am continuing to teach, write, and advocate for racial justice and LGBTQIA+ rights in the Church. I lives in West Linn, Oregon with my family, two dogs, and a flock of chickens where a rainbow flag flies proudly.