Spiritual Companionship is the process of seeking clarity in one’s spirituality through the gentle guidance and prompting of the companion. My job is to discern the story behind your spoken words and to ask the questions that might bring you to the answers you seek. Still often I also find that our deepest questions go unanswered, and that is both the challenge and the miracle of faith. With a spiritual companion by your side, you will never be alone in the process. Your doubts will be heard and respected. Your hope will be honored. In our time together I will lead you into places that your heart is ready to travel, pushing you to the edge of what feels safe and known. I will always ask you to be honest with me and most importantly with yourself. God speaks to us all uniquely and He communicates His/Her love in a myriad of ways. It is not rare to reach adulthood and find that the Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit within us is quiet, or even silent. It doesn’t mean that we have been abandoned, but it can certainly feel that way. A spiritual companionship relationship is designed to help you tap back into the place where love and peace are known.

A facet to spiritual companioning that I find particularly helpful is helping clients to embrace an embodied life. Embodiment allows seekers to become more in tune with their bodies as whole, beloved beings, completely in tune with the fullness of self. So frequently in Western culture we are never taught the wisdom of integration. We tend to think of self as being primarily what we can conceptualize with our minds or feel with our emotions. Most of us are not taught how to listen to our body’s wisdom and how to cue into its signals and what it wants to speak into awareness. In a coaching session I will help you learn to tune into your body and to pay attention to what she is doing, how she is feeling, and what parts of her might be cut off from your acceptance and love. Embodiment coaching can address but is not limited to body awareness, body acceptance, sexuality, shame, anxiety, and confidence. I have spent years researching and practicing this work and am passionate about the freedom and the joy that embodiment brings to our lives. Our bodies were created by a loving God who is delighted when we know, respect, and honor its beautiful craftsmanship and wisdom.

I offer online/Zoom sessions, in-person sessions at my office in West Linn, and hiking/walking sessions. 

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My fee for Spiritual Companioning is $60/Hour with a suggested schedule of once a month.