I still remember the details of my morning when five years ago yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled to legalize gay marriage across the country. My four-year old daughter was playing with blocks and mermaid toys. My infant son was cooing in his bouncy chair. I poured black coffee into a rainbow mug and posted a… Continue reading Pride

Fallen Away

Evangelical Christianity has a language. You might speak it yourself, or maybe you’ve at least heard it. But we tend to say things with a kind of “I’m in the club” jargon that helps us all know what we are talking about. This is lingo like “born again”, “once saved, always saved”, and “speaking in… Continue reading Fallen Away

Confession: I am the worst, WORST parent when it comes to keeping squeaky clean children. I think Josie washes her hair once a week. Maybe twice. And Carter…well he’s perpetual stinky feet because socks are annoying (I have to admit I feel him there) and now that summer is upon us, I don’t quite know… Continue reading