Opening Your Story

I have an exciting offering to share! I am teaching a series of three classes through The Companioning Center starting at the end of January. The series will build upon each class, starting with the examination of the hidden self through inner child work, the enneagram, artistic expression, and play in a class titled Opening Your Story. Next, building on the experience and information from the previous class, Writing Your Story highlights the way story and storytelling bring meaning to life’s experiences. And finally, Living Your Story helps guide you into the brave spaces of spiritual liminality, healthy boundary-setting, and creativity. You will learn how to bring the honesty of your voice into every area of your life in a way that honors the timeline of your life and who God created you to be. These classes will be held virtually on Fridays, with the recorded zoom class becoming available the day after for those with whom the time doesn’t work. Most of all, I am just excited to culminate the areas of my deepest passion and knowing into a spiritual formation class.

Details and preorder links are right here, and I will be talking more about these classes as we get closer to launch date. Thanks so much for being here!

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