Advent Day 3: Influenza

My daughter and I spent the day waffling in and out of fever and lounging on the couch while we watched guilty pleasure shows tv. It is interesting, having a child old enough to do this with. Like being sick with a friend and not a child. The day rolled along slowly. My son was home too, but his fever broke last night, so he is mercifully on the mend. We took hot baths, drank tea with lots of honey, ate leftover pumpkin pie (oh wait- that was just me) and allowed our bodies to be exactly what they are: unwell.

About two hours ago I crawled out of bed and shuffled down the stairs. I decided to take stock of what small, beautiful bits the day had offered.

  1. Around 5:00pm I had crawled into bed with a warm pack over my sinuses, and I drifted in and out of sleep there for about an hour. At some point I woke to footsteps climbing the stairs and heard a voice that was indiscriminate until I saw Carter’s face. (Their voices are identical now that Carter’s has deepened.) “Hey, Mom” he said in the gentlest, most consoling voice you can imagine from a 7-year old. “How are you feeling? Are you doing ok?” Heart surge.
  2. I hate disappointing my preschool families, and I really wanted to be open and teach today, but it was not to be. Instead of quick “oks” or “thanks for letting us know” texts I received note after note of “I’m so sorry! Please get plenty of rest!” and even a text with the photo of a beautiful card covered in hearts that one of my students had made for me. Oh, life-sustaining joy.
  3. The salty butter combined with the blossomy honey on my biscuit for dinner. Perfection.
  4. Carter whispering, “I’m so glad you’re a part of my family” at bedtime. Overjoyed.
  5. Josie hugging me with hope in her eyes to kick this thing by Saturday so she can dance in a competition. Gritty, sticky hope.
  6. Joel coming home in the middle of his workday to bring ear remedies for the dog with an ear infection. Goodness and mercy.

The truth is, I could go on. But sleep beckons and my bed is a good one, and I get to sleep next to the one I would choose over again and every day after. Come thou fount of every blessing.

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